‘Barbara was Warned About Those Shoes’ (Oil on Board) – may be off the wall but it is fun and has a sort of relevence for me having been brought up in South Africa.

David Gower former England Cricket Captain and Sky presenter talking about his favourite thing in his home in an interview with the Daily Telegraph 2016.

The Year 12 students developed a portrait of Kelly Holmes. The quality of this piece of work was stunning! The students involved were amazed at the standard they were able to achieve under the guidance of Keith…..

Keith was very professional in his approach to his residency. He ran sessions in a calm and assured manner, developing excellent working relationships with a range of students.

Keith also engaged the Art and Physical Education Staff, he was always willing to discuss his work and share ideas with them…..

Keith’s residency provided unique experiences for our students. They clearly grew in confidence as artists and young people during this time. I have recommended Keith to a number of Sports Colleges and would recommend any school to take advantage of his experience to enhance their creative curriculum.

Mr P.R. Bousfield, Director of Sport
Childwall School, Merseyside